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    Zhejiang Tianhe Resource Comprehensive Utilization Research Institution is a provincial research and consultative institution which is supported by the Department of Environmental Protection of Zhejiang Province, approved by Department of Civil Affairs of Zhejiang Province, guided and directed by the Department of Science and Technology of Zhejiang Province, and wholly-owned and operated by Zhejiang Resource Development Group Co., Ltd. The research institution specializes in the research of resource recycling technology, solid waste disposal technology and equipments, construction planning of the industrial planning of renewable resource and technical research, consultation, training and communication activities.

    The institution inherits the social mission of “making use of discarded things and turning garbage into resource”. Based on the developmental strategy of Zhejiang Resource Development Group Co., Ltd., i.e. “integrating technology, industry and trade”, and relying on the resource gathering and developmental advantages of Zhejiang Industrial Base of Renewable Plastic in Cixi, West Zhejiang Renewable Resource Comprehensive Market and Hangzhou Sorting and Distributing Center of Renewable Resource, the institution takes solid waste disposal and renewable resources utilization technology as the core, forms a multiple communication platform for government, enterprises, experts and society, connects talents, markets and capitals, realizes the knowledge transfer and technical transformation of the comprehensive utilization of resources and truly turns the scientific and technical results into actual productivity, thus stimulating the industrialized, scientific and scale development of renewable resources.

    Cooperated with the universities and relevant scientific research institutions like Northwest Academy of Sciences, Zhejiang University, Zhejiang University of Technology, the institution has already made the leading breakthrough in terms of the technical research of “denitrification and dioxin removal”, the technology of “discomposing and recycling zinc in industrial waste” and the design, research and development of super high temperature incinerator of solid waste. In the future, the institution will focus on the fields like the comprehensive utilization of waste plastic, remanufacturing of vehicles and recycling of waste and old electronic products, give full play to its technical transformation platform and technical declaration platform, and make its due contributions to the development of Zhejiang Resource Development Group Co., Ltd..

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