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Renewable Resource Recycling Network System

With the strong supports of the provincial supply and marketing cooperative and all levels of governments, the group meets the requirements for building a conservation-oriented society and developing circular economy, implements the spirit of the State Council Document No. [2011] 49, namely Opinions of the General Office of the State Council on the Establishment the Complete and Advanced Waste Products Recycling System, takes full advantage of the large number of wide-spread traditional recycling outlets of the supply and marketing cooperative, and stimulates the establishment of renewable resource recycling network system of community and village recycling station sorting center industrial base (terminal market) recycling enterprise. The group has strengthened cooperation and coordination with other units, set more than 30 renewable resource operation organizations, goods fields and outlets in the areas with relatively concentrated renewable resources, like Hangzhou, Ningbo, Wenzhou, Shaoxing and Lishui in Zhejiang, initially established a renewable resource recycling network that covers the whole province, and recycled more than 1 million tons renewable resources of various types. Through such network system, the group recycles, gathers, sorts, classifies, process and package renewable resources of various types, gradually improves its ability of recycling, distributing and processing, increases the utilization ratio of resources and provides recycling enterprises with high quality services.

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