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add £ºHangzhou city, zhejiang
province, binjiang road sout
-h, number 228
phone £º0571-87117111
fox £º0571-87117111
Zip code£º310052
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The group company will implement the developmental strategy of ¡°driving the development by trade, giving propriety to base, integrating technology, industry and trade, and adopting network development¡±, expand in size with trade, consolidate the foundation with investment, develop the space with science and technology and guarantee the development with network. The group company seizes the national general trend to vigorously develop circular economy and establish a resource conserving and environmentally friendly society, closely focus on the construction of renewable resource recycling and utilizing network system in Zhejiang and the developmental situation of the group company, make full use of all advantageous resources, take ¡°service¡± and ¡°development¡± as the main line, take the cultivation of competitive products, promotion of the industrial base of renewable resource and market construction project as the key point, take human resources, financial management, system establishment and information management as guarantee, take the optimization of operation structure, improvement of encouragement mechanism and set-up of service platform as the method, transform the method of economic development, innovate the operation model, prolong the industrial chain of the goods operation, improve the construction of network system, and make efforts to develop the group company the largest service provider in the renewable resource industry in Zhejiang and the leading enterprise in the recycling industry.

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